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David and I both have backgrounds in education while David has raised cattle throughout his lifetime. We are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified, which assures customers that our animals are humanely raised and transported. Our farm-raised beef is free of steroids, anti-biotics and hormones. We feed a natural diet, which includes unlimited grass hay and a corn/gluten ration. We like to eat beef that is young and lean. We can provide well marbled (fattier), or grass fed as well. Out of our farm store, our customers are welcomed to try a variety of individual cuts or custom bundle. Customers are encouraged to come and see where their meat comes from and take a farm tour, or just drop by for coffee. The farm is located 20 minutes south of Indianola IA. We also sell at Farmers Markets in the area. 
-Mary Lynne and David Ohnemus
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