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Our First Sale Without Dad

Hot wind blows up clouds of dust as the two shiny aluminum trailers thunder up the drive towards the pole barn. Tomorrow promises higher prices and good bidding at the sale barn. We planned to do this last Monday but snow and ice deter the good buyers who need to all be present and in good form to bid on our cattle. We need their full attention as this is a biannual paycheck. David's Dad Paul always enjoyed loading the cattle to go to the sale. He loved Shawn Murphy stopping at the house to pick him up only to drive a few hundred feet in his truck to the pole barn. This is our first sale without Paul who passed away in November.

David sorts off "Bugeye", "Sedalia", and all the multi-coloured longhorn cross calves for butcher beef,

and the rest get poked and prodded through the gated gauntlet towards their crowded 32 mile adventure ride to Russell IA. Cameron helps his Dad push them, as Shannah helps our grandbaby Liam perch precariously on the gate. Adrenaline runs high as we need this to be quick, safe and efficient.

Our hearts overflow with thanks to God as once again we get to participate in the joy of raising cattle, and with our dear kids, spend some time on the farm. Hot wind whips the dust through our pony tails and stings our eyes. Shannah shares some delicious oranges and watches Liam pick up hunks of dry cow poop. What a life. Another round of yearling claves in the books.

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