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Today is sale barn day…

It rolls around twice each year. As

our 60 (or so) head come stampeding through the ring, they are grouped, weighed and paraded in front of buyers who simultaneously may be eating a piece of lemon pie or chomping on a burger.

A friend text me this morning praying that we would reap the blessing of high prices. My prayer is that the buyers look up from their food and pay attention.

It’s a 3 minute span of time in which 6 months of hard work is given worth by “hundred weight” as buyers are enticed by the auctioneers bidding. Of course they have to look good to bid on, but there are a lot of good cattle out there. Why should we top the sale and then praise the Lord?

Our ultimate goal is to be singing praises as our feet hit the floor every morning. We feel we’ve already won. We are here and we are well.

The past month has brought frozen and broken equipment, frozen faces and waterers. It’s been hard for the farmer and me. But the sale barn trucks showed up in the mud and we move forward. We haven’t lost any livestock to the cold. Even our faces thawed with no lasting damage!

We are thankful before the sale results. We’ve already won. We know that we will have “enough”. That is what Gods Word promises. We know that someone else is praying for Gods favor for their day at the auction.  Why should we get more than the next guy, especially when our cattle are of equal value?

This day is part of a life of stewardship; of the land, of the animals and of all our resources. Today our prayer is for the people whose next meal is determined by the buyers. We are thankful to be in the palm of His hand as His favor dwells with us and in us.

The benefits of raising cattle are in the open spaces, the touch of a hide, the sound of lowing and the presence of these creatures that depend on you then reward you. We’re thankful that they pay the bills and the Lord lets us do what we love.

Happy Sale Day!

Mary Lynne


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