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a cut above: getting the most from your beef

It's an investment. Now that you have made the plunge and have reserved a 1/4 beef, picked a locker date, picked how much beef you want and are budgeting to pay for it, it's time to think about how to get the most value for your money. We see increasingly informed and educated beef customers who understand how to use and consume wisely, and still get maximum benefit from every part of their purchase. When you buy a portion of a live animal, you can come see what you are buying before it goes to the locker to get processed.

As customers consider that only about 8% of the beef comes from the rib and tender loin area, the remaining 92% has endless possibilities. Here are a few ideas that we suggest to our customers who like a lot of steak in addition to the ribeye's, fillet and New Yorks:

-get chuck made into steak

-tenderize your round

-keep your skirt and flank for fajitas

-ask for your hanger or "butchers" steak

-cut tougher sirloin tip into crock pot steak

For your tougher cuts, make sure you are carving AGAINST THE GRAIN. Note the direction of the muscle and cut across it. Also with tougher cuts, cook low and slow. For more tenderness and flavor, throw short ribs on top of a roast while smoking or baking. The rib fat will render down through and tenderize and moisten the meat. Use a rub like our "DAWGIE DUST" to tenderize while it thaws or sits waiting to be cooked.

When you do the cut sheet with your locker, consider the parts you have paid for but may not have used previously (organ meats, bones, tallow). For instance, your neighbor may be very excited at the gift of oxtail next Christmas. Or, the pup may want you to toss him a real bone. In conclusion, have fun with your order and try something new. We are always here to help you enjoy every part of your #ohnemusbeef!


Come join in on one of our "Sunday Suppers" at the farm or drop by the Indianola farmers Market starting June 4 2022


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