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Baby Betty

Calving season can be a crap shoot. Did I really say that? The variables of temperature, age, feed, mom's condition, bulls, and farmer sense are just a few of the things that contribute to things going really well or well, just crappy.

Even with a program of accurate dates, bull calendars and cycling female particulars and general farmer hyper-vigilance, the mystery of still births, breaches, and miscarriage looms until that slimy babe hits the ground and soon after is looking to suck. Following a spring of calving mysteries and misfortune we we due for some good breaks.

We've hit the Fall season running; literally looking (sometimes with haste)for the extra calves. Its an uncanny phenomenon of twinning delight as the fall mamas are discharging more than one baby. Out of the first 5 births, I think we had 4 sets of twins. Those are good odds. There are many scientific explanations; predisposition of the the bull, two eggs, split eggs, better than average health and feeding program, the moon, and the grace of God among others.

Apparently, this seems to be a generality among many who raise cattle and other farmers and ranchers are experiencing exactly what we are in this nutty 2020. It means a bit more work with bottle feeding the babies and keeping good records (female twins are not reproductive), but we'll take it! Come to the farm and meet our rejected twins. So far, Baxter, Betty and Blaze are doing great and would love a visit!

Baxter, Betty and Blaze at 1 week old


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