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I have to laugh when customers think they can have 1/4 beef cut into ribeyes. The truth is that in the beefs’ anatomy only 8% is made up of that soft tender loin that right now has reached the price of 39.99/lb in some grocery stores. It’s the fillet, ribeyes, t-bone and porterhouse that include that nice little strip of loin

Approximately 92% of the beef remains and we have to figure out a couple of things. First, how to match the cuts to our cooking preferences, and second, how to make it delicious and cost effective so it can be enjoyed right to the very last package in the bottom of the freezer.

Also to consider is your budget (how much you want to pay for processing). It can be simple, or you can request sausage, jerky, ground, or thin slices, in small packages which all adds to your processing bill at the locker.

Some of the more muscly but tasty cuts are sirloin tip, brisket, flank and skirt or hanger. Each or these tougher cuts lend themselves to unique cooking techniques. It’s common for a new cook to treat brisket like a roast and cook for a couple of hours and then wonder why it’s tough and fatty. When you purchase 1/4 Ohnemusbeef we will give you cooking and processing help. We”ll try to match your needs with the right beef and guide you before you call the locker to determine how you want it processed.

On these frosty fall days, a big pot of stew uses some of the cuts not suited for grilling. We love using the sirloin tip, cubed and coated in seasoned flour, browned in olive oil with rosemary and thyme and a bay leaf. I add our broth or stock to that and cook with cubed onions, celery, carrots and potatoes. A spoon of ketchup or tomato paste adds flavor, also a shot of Worcestershire or hot sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve it with mashed potatos or sour dough bread. Yummy.

If you have questions related to buying, butchering or cooking cuts from your 1/4 beef, get in touch with me or even invite yourself to supper to talk more about beef, and have a big bowl of stew!


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