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Watching "Wheel of Fortune" signals the early relaxation that comes with nightfall on a rainy fall evening. I look forward to rainy days and nights because it means that David and I get to loaf around in our arm chairs, feet up, catching up on studies or reading the stacks of magazines left unopened since April.

The bantam hen and red rooster poised still in the downpour; clueless of what to do and where to go as mud puddles rise in the lot. I'm hoping they've found the comfort of a dry roost and have figured it out. The tin roof amplifies the sound of one cloudburst after another and the garden below the overhang drinks up the waterfall.

I canned tomatoes today, which will become "golden" in February. After the first two inches of rain, the tomato flesh burst the tight skins, which makes quick processing necessary. Tomatoes with basil, roasted tomatoes, Mexican tomatoes, salsa and tomato juice are all lined up on the basement pantry shelf like trophies won in he driest season I've experienced in the 8 years I've lived in Iowa.

The dry creek beds are full, the crevices on the hilltops are closing, and hopefully the ponds will be full once more. Precious rain that feeds the pasture, that sustains the cattle, and fills our wells, is now filling our hearts with thanksgiving. We made it through the drought. Thank you David and Thank you Lord!

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