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Dog Days of Summer

It all begins with windows darkened and air conditioners on maximum… not a day for saving energy. I’m refrigerated under thin cotton blankets as the birdsong clock chirps “chickadee” when the sun is up. The Audubon clock is light activated, and bird song rarely matches the correct picture on the clock face. I love the sound of the birds. Last week house wrens decided they wanted to make their home above my stove in the vent chimney. That was entertaining until I needed to fry the Bass I caught at Mead’s pond. Bass are hot right now. I even caught enough to put two meals in the freezer for winter. Needless to say, wrens don’t like the smell of fish.

If only I could capture the dog days of summer to savor in February when its 20 degrees below 0. It Feels like stepping out into thick bathwater by 8am and only gets hotter. Puppy and cat line up at the door to come in, positioning naps in front of a fan. Heelers are not hot weather dogs. Festus would rather do his hunting at night and nap when its day, just like his nocturnal Aussie Dingo relatives. This day includes iced coffees, smoothies and garden-watering in between meals for grandchildren, and installing a dishwasher (dishwarsher).

Its noisy in the cow lot as the sun goes down. The gates explode as cattle jockey for position at the waterer. They all have to drink at the same time. We’re waiting for one more cow to calf. It spells disaster to calf in this heat. Hopefully she finds a low spot in the shade when she’s ready. Until then, David leaves every morning with colostrum and a cooler with emergency medication when he checks on her.

Our remaining Bantam hen “Tina Louise” just postured and flapped her way up into her tree for the night to roost. The temp is lowering slightly, but still 90degrees and the sun is almost gone. Cicadas sing in unison and I hear the bumping of the hay trailer as my cowboy comes up the road with our final load of hay for the season. Thank the Lord we’re all set for hay. Another year, another drought and another year of Gods provisions for the cattle. We are thankful. Family came to visit earlier bearing a gift. A 22 long barrel. Could life get any better? I sit on the porch with sweat running down my face and a chilled beverage with plenty of ice.

When David gets in, we’ll watch the "Virginian"

, and eat roast and garden fresh green beans. I imagine tomorrow we’ll do this all over again, with new mercies, new blessings and another chance for long awaited rain. Until then we thank God for what we have, the incredible gifts of today; birdsong, a good dog, plenty to eat, a rifle, and air conditioners.

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