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Rolling in It


A dead coon or calf carcass makes for a euphoric roll in a most putrid vile odiferous bacteria. Now, with the high temps, and it being Sunday, my resolve to rest overrides the stink coming from the carpet. Today I relax...and it stinks in here.

Yesterday... The pressure to bring in hay mounts as the forecast suggests hot temps and clear skies this week. It's pushing 98 degrees and I sit at the wheel of the pickup while the cowboy loads bales on to the trailer. He mowed the hillsides where the raking is a work of art and demands courage as steep as some of the inclines. One ton of hay went for a trip down a hillside ending in the creek. It was here where Festus went exploring in mudholes. Like all right-thinking pups, he found a pile of dead stuff to roll in.

Trying to pull out the tractor that tried to pull out the bale that rolled down the hill made for great entertainment (except for the heat and THAT SMELL)

My genius cowboy proceeded to get the tractor unstuck that attempted to save the bale, and then he continued to save me from the heat and the smell. Needless to say, Festus rode in the back of the pickup on our way home. We managed to get home before the sun went down, receiving a text that we had a dead battery on a fence.

This week I survived wrangling a feisty group of heifers out of the neighbors poison ivy (soybeans). I've learned once more the value of keeping hot fences. Even though it was date night, everything reeked, we were exhausted and my date left, I was happy cooking hamburgers in an air conditioned house with soap and running water.

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