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The Wonders of Walking

In the dark coops of winter; snow envelops our homes. Like the ducks and chickens that stop laying, I hunker down in my coop. Once my nest is clean and tidy for another day, my chore (and my goal) is to fly the coop and get into the pasture for a much needed walk. Easily, deferred or postponed, I make excuses which include, "its too cold outside", "its icy and Ill fall", "the mud is too gross", "I have real work to do at home".....

Gloves and walking stick in hand, Festus jumps straight into the air to lick my face in anticipation of what's to come. Carhartt on, and lacing boots signal his favorite activity. Sniffing hollows and brush piles usually means chasing a rabbit or two. Dogs understand fully the value of a good walk.

Walking brings rhythms to my mind, usually the rhythms of the Psalms or a song. Observing patterns in nature, patterns of windblown ice on the ponds, or a frozen spider web, the crunching of boots. "Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies , but His smile quickly drives it away"; I ponder the next line as I walk in step with the tune of a familiar hymn. As if transported, my mind has shifted to a better head space, I'm now seeing clearer, I'm happier, my goals and my motivation is fueled as I start to plan and envision difficult steps ahead.

Winter brings less light into our days and I know well how to live in the dark "chicken coop" of winter months. Vitamin D, serotonin and dopamine from a simple walk is good medicine. Its amazing to me how the Lord puts the bounty of His creation in front of me with an invitation to partake, enjoy, and give Him the glory! If you are feeling a little blue or sluggish, grab your puppy or a friend and go walking. You are always welcome to come out to the farm and join Festus and me. My walk, and a walk with God fuels and fires up these long dark days.

Grab your boots!

Mary Lynne

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