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Because of Covid 19 restrictions in July we cancelled our big party here at the farm. Annually, we circle the tailgates and bring our families and lawn chairs to be together and have fun. Last week, an attempted impromptu fireworks display nearly sent 60 skittish and stressed newly weaned calves running for their lives where we were babying them in the lot beside the house.

Do explosives have a shelf life? I expect so. Therefore we must blow them up! A Christmas Farm open house is in the works. December 5th, Lord willing, weather permitting, and Corona-free, you are invited to join screaming babies, howling dogs and skittish calves for an outdoor time of fun and celebration.

Watch David feed cattle with the hay processor, have a hay ride and farm tour, some chili and hot chocolate. Yes, and let’s blow up some stuff. We have a lot to celebrate; Christmas on the Farm! Mark your calendar Saturday Dec, 5th 3-6pm.

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It’s Christmas at the Farm❤️

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